SDK Programming Guide
  • 3.3.3 Updating the Samsung Pay App
  • Partner apps: Merchant, Issuer

    The SamsungPay class provides the following API method to update the Samsung Pay app on the device:

  • void goToUpdatePage()
  • goToUpdatePage() is called to update Samsung Pay app on the same device on which the partner app is running.
  • As with all API calls, the partner app must first check the Samsung Pay status with getSamsungPayStatus(). If this returns SPAY_NOT_READY and EXTRA_ERROR_REASON is ERROR_SPAY_APP_NEED_TO_UPDATE, then the partner app should display an appropriate message to the user and call goToUpdatePage(), which launches the Samsung Pay update page.
  • The following snippet reflects how to update Samsung Pay:
  • Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
    bundle.putString(SamsungPay.PARTNER_SERVICE_TYPE, SamsungPay.ServiceType.INAPP_PAYMENT.toString());
    PartnerInfo partnerInfo = new PartnerInfo(serviceId, bundle);
    SamsungPay samsungPay = new SamsungPay(context, partnerInfo);