SDK Programming Guide
  • 3.3.2 Activating the Samsung Pay App
  • Partner apps: Merchant, Issuer

    activateSamsungPay() is called to activate Samsung Pay app on the device on which the partner app is running. First, however, the partner app must check Samsung Pay status with a getSamsungPayStatus() call. If the status is SPAY_NOT_READY and EXTRA_ERROR_REASON is ERROR_SPAY_SETUP_NOT_COMPLETE, partner app should display an appropriate message to user and call activateSamsungPay() to launch the Samsung Pay app so the user can sign in.

    The SamsungPay class furnishes the following API method to activate the Samsung Pay app on a device:

  • void activateSamsungPay()
  • Sample code showing how to activate Samsung Pay looks like this
  • Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
    bundle.putString(SamsungPay.PARTNER_SERVICE_TYPE, SamsungPay.ServiceType.INAPP_PAYMENT.toString());
    PartnerInfo partnerInfo = new PartnerInfo(serviceId, bundle);
    SamsungPay samsungPay = new SamsungPay(context, partnerInfo);