SDK Programming Guide
  • Common terminology
  • AAVS Automatic Add Value Service
    AIDL Android Interface Definition Language for communication
    FCO/ECO Fast Checkout/Express Checkout – an option allows users to skip authentication in accorandance with merchant and Samsung Pay policy
    Merchant A business entity engaged in in retail e-commerce that provides an online checkout service for purchasing its products and/or services to registered end users
    Issuer Financial institution empowered to issue credit and/or debit payment cards to qualified consumers and businesses
    Payment Gateway (PG) E-commerce app service provider equipped to authorize credit card payments for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar
    Payment Token Secure method for payment ensuring that a cardholder’s information is not exploited by unauthorized parties
    Samsung Pay Samsung’s proprietary mobile wallet app and payment system
    Samsung Pay Service The server and service components of Samsung Pay
    Eligibility Check A query by third-party apps to check whether or not Samsung Pay is supported/activated/ready-to-use on a Samsung device